The Finnish electronic tendering service (Hanki) is developing further

The Finnish electronic tendering service (Hanki) will be enhanced in October 2017 by checking of economic operators’ exclusion grounds and fulfilment of selection criteria. By integrating the national official records with eTendering, the contracting entities can check from one place that the economic operator has among others paid its taxes and social security contributions and that the company is not bankrupt or being wound up thus speeding up the evaluation process. Also, economic operators no longer need to submit information of their economic and financial standing, streamlining the participation process.

The fetching of data from official records will be made available to all users of the Cloudia Oy’s eTendering system ( and  free of charge during October 2017. The technical implementation of the project has been finalised in August 2017 and is currently being piloted by seven public sector organisations from central and local governments.

The integration of official records is done through services developed by Tax Administration’s Grey Economy information Unit and includes data from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, Tax Administration, Finnish Centre for Pensions, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Customs, Legal Register Centre and the Enforcement Authorities.

The project has been implemented as part of the Ministry of Finance’s Procurement Digitalisation programme in co-operation with Hansel, KL-Kuntahankinnat, Tax Administration and Legal Registry Centre. The project is principally financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

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Timo Rantanen ​Development Manager, eProcurement ​timo.rantanen(at)