About Handi

Handi is the the Digitalisation Programme of Central Government Procurement by the Ministry of Finance in Finland. During the programme period of over two and a half years, it has been reforming government procurement through digitalisation. The program launched in 2016 as a part of the Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government’s key project, Digitalised Public Services. The implementation programme has been aiming to streamline the Purchase to Pay process, which means annual savings of EUR 15 million in the state economy.

Digitising financial management and procurement reinvents processes, improves quality, promotes consistency, and smoothens information sharing. Digitalisation enables the conversion of various services into an electronic form that will, in the long run, be a crucial thing in integrating business records in digital form accessible by anyone. At the same time, digitalisation will accelerate the development and deployment of new innovative services.

Digitalisation as a driving force behind procurement development

The Handi programme brings together public procurement professionals through the development of government procurement. With the help of specific sub-projects and over 100 procurement professionals, results have been visible for use even during the programme. Follow this website and read soon more about the results carried out during the programme.

State Treasury manages the Handi programme under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance.

Handi programme supplements the Hanko project, that ended in early 2016. It was based on a survey of the current state of government procurement and the development proposals for the government procurement presented on that basis in 2013. Hanko-project procurement was dealt in four parts that included the development of a procurement manager, planning, contract management, supplier collaboration and know-how developer. The Ministry of Finance and Hansel were in charge of the Hanko project.