Procurement information makes central government procurement information available to everyone makes central government procurement information available for everyone, almost in real time. It aims to make administration more transparent and to develop central government purchasing activities. It will also enable companies to access valuable market information.

The service opened on 4th September 2017 at, and it’s free of charge and open to all. The service includes details of all central government procurements from the start of 2016, worth over 6 billion euros. The service was launched by Hansel Ltd, the Finnish Government’s central purchasing body, and it was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance.

The information which is now being published online has hitherto been available to all under the Act on Openness of Government Activities, but accessing it required special information requests to individual organisations. This made obtaining information difficult and strained the resources of both the applicant and the organisation in question. Now all information can be easily accessed on one website.

In addition to the site, information on public procurement has been published for all to use on This means that new data-based services and applications can be developed and used freely for various purposes. All the benefits of the site and the accessibility of the data remain to be seen, as no other such service exists worldwide.

Procurement data service increased transparency significantly

A governmental procurement data service for agency employees, a predecessor to, opened in October 2016. The procurement data service collects information from several sources: Rondo purchase invoices, State Treasury’s Netra reporting service and Hansel’s central procurement reports. The service makes it easier to analyse and plan procurements and to compare procurement data between agencies

Making procurement data available has already affected the way Hansel customers operate.  Once the customers have been able to view procurement data, they have discovered certain aspects available through a framework agreement and have gone over to using them instead of organising their own competitive tendering.

Procurement data also available at the agencies’ service

The public access service was preceded by the State Procurement Data Service, which was opened in the spring of 2017. This service is intended for state budget organisations (ministries and other state agencies and organisations) and their procurement experts and management. The Procurement Data Service will make it easier to analyse and plan procurement for the agencies and make it possible to compare the different agencies’ procurement data. The Service will allow concurrent examination of procurement costs, providers and the usage of framework agreements, all from one application.

Information in the State Procurement Data Service and the service differ slightly. The State Service is provided information from various sources: agency purchase orders, the State Treasury’s Netra reporting service and Hansel’s unified procurement reports. Hansel’s unified procurement is updated into the service according to the providers’ reporting cycle. A specific month’s report for unified procurement is generally available half-way through the next month.

Hansel maintains both services, and is responsible for providing access to the State Procurement Data Service. Access is provided to persons working with the state budget that require the state procurement data in their work.

Single purchase orders or their line information is not public. Procurement values are published exclusive of VAT.


The procurement data service contain information in a dynamic format that encourages analysis.
- Kirsi Koivusaari, Hansel’s Chief Financial Officer